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1 x Spell Incense & Charcoal . Anna Riva. 6 choices. *Cast Off Evil * Myrrh * Protection * Dragons Blood * Get Away * Sandalwood *


This listing is for 1 x 49gm Incense Tub

& 1 Packet containg 10 Charcoals.

Spell Incense.

By Anna Riva.

6 choices to choose from in the drop down box.

Self Lighting: Although these are self-igniting incense powders. I have found them to be most effective if burned on charcoal discs.

So included in this Sale is: 1 pack of Charcoal Discs & 1 x Incense,

10 discs to each pack.

Charcoal Discs are self igniting, light with Match & the heat starts. Once ignited put them into your Cauldron or heat proof dish and wait until they begin to turn grey before sprinkling your herbs, Resins or powdered Incense.

They get extremely hot and are therefore a potential fire hazard. Use with care and never leave them unattended around children or pets.

Choices of Incense.

Cast Off Evil.

1 3/4oz (49g) Reclosable Jar

Full Strength, Self Lighting

When one feels burdened with harmful, sinful or malicious influences, Anna Riva's Cast Off Evil Incense Powder can serve to expel these destructive powers. Burn daily.


1 3/4oz (49g) Reclosable Jar

Full Strength, Self Lighting

As one of the holy scents, Anna Rivas Myrrh Incense is used in purification ceremonies by those who wish to rid themselves of guilt so they can move forward. Also can be burned before going to bed to make all dreams come true.



1 3/4oz (49g) Reclosable Jar

Full Strength, Self Lighting

Considered to be a shield from all harm when it is used daily.

To gain confidence and revitalize one's life, mix a few drops of Rue Oil into Anna Riva's Protection Incense Powder before burning.


Dragons Blood.



1 3/4oz (49g) Reclosable Jar

Full Strength, Self Lighting

Burn Anna Rivas Dragons Blood Incense Powder for uncrossing, removing curses and hexes. It is reputedly successful when many other methods have failed. Burn before going to bed for a peaceful night's sleep with no nightmares or disturbing dreams.

Get Away.


1 X 3/4oz (49g) Reclosable Jar

Full Strength, Self Lighting

Burn Anna Rivas Get Away Incense Powder to discourage unwanted visitors to your home. For added power sprinke Get Away Sachet Powder on the front steps and across the outside of the threshold.




1 3/4oz (49g) Reclosable Jar

Full Strength, Self Lighting

Used as an aid to contemplation and deeper meditation. As a healing agent, burn Anna Riva's Sandalwood Incense Powder in the sickroom along with a prayer for recovery.


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