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Ritual Soaps: Choice of 3: All Purpose Soap * Attraction Soap * St Michael Soap *


Ritual Soap,

choose one from the selection in the drop down box.

All Purpose Soap.

When you are unsure of which soap will suit your intent it is best to use All Purpose Soap. Are you having trouble in your love life? Are finances a problem? Do you need help finding a job or keeping the one you have? If you answer yes to any of these questions or can think of any other problem you would like to combat All Purpose Soap can help. Focus on the specific request and use the soap daily until you see the desired result.

Attraction Soap.

To entice another person toward you, use Attraction Soap. If both partners in a marriage use the soap it encourages complete openness, honesty and understanding between the two people.

St Michael Soap.

Are you experiencing troubles with the devil/enemies? Wash with St. Michael Soap (known as the powerful helper) to protect and fight enemies and the devil for you.

These Soaps are used for cleansing & charging your magickal intentions.

We take extreme pride in our packing & dispatch time.

U.K Post only.

Sold as a curio only.


DISCLAIMER: Due to the Fraudulent Mediums Act of 1951 and the Consumer Protection Regulations, we make no claims as to the efficacy of any of our products or services and that they are for entertainment purposes only. When using our products or services you (the customer/client) agree to using them at your own risk..

Legal Disclaimer: The items at Wild Witch are specially handcrafted & should be used with intention of the buyer, Magickal items are not to be used or are intended to a replacement of professional advice such as medical, legal, psychological, or business.

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