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The Wildwood King by Philip Kane, Paperback, Originally published: March 1997


The Wildwood King

by Philip Kane,

NEW / Paperback,

148 Pages.

Originally published: March 1997

..a brilliant book for anyone who loves stories...to teach us to listen not just with our ears, but with our inner ear...excellent” Wiccan Rede The Wildwood King is a unique workbook. Leading the reader through a series of traditional stories, ranging across cultures as diverse as Welsh, Russian, African and native American, and through a sequence of connected exercises, it facilitates a revitalised relationship with the Land. The Land in this context, is not merely our physical landscape, but also the natural environment and an aspect of consciousness. The folk tales of the world bear within them rich seams of wisdom. The Wildwood King sets out to follow one of these themes, to explore ancient understandings of the relationship between humanity and the Land.

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