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**REVENGE**. Empowering Oil for Spell Candles x 1 Specially Blended, .


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Spell Candle Empowering Oil x 1 vial.


use to send the negative, evil vibes back to your sender,& so you don't waste another second thinking about them & their wrong doings, do the spell & then forget them.. you can pretent they are dead... & move on!

Specially Blended to Order, made specifically for your magickal needs..

by myself at Wishing Well Cottage, Wild Witch's home base.

My Spell Candle Oils are used to empower your rituals wicca, pagan, hoodoo, santeria,

& they will arrive in a little glass vile.

2 dram, or roughly 7.4 ml Vial

Empowering Oils can be used on your altar or magickal tool's such as talismans or amulets. Anointing or Dressing your candle is an important element in Ritual Magick. Oils can be dropped onto the sole of your shoe, anointed on divination items & altar tools, or simply anointed to empower your favorite jewellery, or simply apply some oil to an object or place where your target may come into contact with it. Add a drop or two to a burning charcoal. This is a versatile blend, I usually add a drop to the outside of my spell candle while focusing my intention into the action.. you can also dab your business cards or important documents.. you can empower so many things.. energy is everywhere.. energy is everything.

(Not to be taken internally)

Also if you have a specific request, I can blend your Spell Candle oil especially for you... just ask

Use to quickly attract to attract your desired result...only a little drop is needed, this is a powerful tool.

This special blend has been carefully crafted in my workshop, with Herbs harvested and dried by me, premium incense and oil, as well as essential oils.

Use this Oil to anoint your candles, stones, plants before burning them, magical objects, & to empower your mojo bag...

About 2 dram, or roughly 7.4 ml in a clear glass vial.

These Oils are made through Family recipes, knowledge, ancient grimoires & magic ritual on the correct lunar calendar.

Each vial is individually Cleansed and Blessed on a Waxing Moon.

This is a handmade item created by a hereditary Witch.

Often it is utilized with Candles and Mojo bags. .

This is a pure anointing oil for external use only.

Sold as a curio only.

UK Post only.

We take extreme pride in our packing and dispatch times.

Legal Disclaimer: The items at Wild Witch are specially handcrafted & should be used with intention of the buyer, Empowering Oils are not to be used or are intended to a replacement of professional advice such as medical, legal, psychological, or business.

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