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Magickal Self Defense: A Quantum Approach to Warding by Kerr Cuhulain (Paperback)


Quantum Approach to Warding


Kerr Cuhulain


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As a Wiccan who spent twenty-eight years on the police force,

Kerr Cuhulain knows a thing or two about self-defence. The

author of Wiccan Warrior and Full Contact Magick returns with a

powerful programme for magickal protection-based on the

principles of the Witches' Pyramid, chi energy, and quantum

science. From everyday stress to the emotions of people around

you, negative energy is everywhere. This innovative guide not

only advises on how to cope with negative energies, but it also

offers a fascinating explanation of how magick works in our

quantum universe. Beginner and advanced magical practitioners

will learn how to safely thwart psychic attacks, develop threat

awareness, balance chi, create an astral temple for refuge, and

use magickal tools for defence.Cuhulain also evaluates

traditional methods of self-defence-energy traps, mirroring, fire,

fumigation, sigils-and debunks many protection myths. Also

featured are specific warding techniques to protect yourself,

shield your home, redirect negative energy, sever psychic links.

and neutralize a talisman.

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