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Pack of 6 BLACK Beeswax Spell Candles & Wild Witch Candle Empowering Oil. & Wild Witch's Black Salt.


A box of 6 black Blessed Bee beeswax candles useful for spell work involving protection and banishing negativity.

1 x Empowering Oil &

a little 50gm Bag of Black Salt.

3 items with lots of various uses..

Black Beeswax candles

these are excellent for Protecting.. in magick Black absorbs & clears negative energies & negative people...

When you burn a black candle during prayer, your intentions should be set on casting out all negative spirits that could be afflicting you or a loved one.

Black candles can be used for protective means. You may not be trying to cast out negative energies, but instead, using a black candle with meaning to protect yourself from negative spirits. Using a black candle during a waning moon to invoke power is a common practice among many different practices. There could be many intentions associated with using a black candle to invoke power

A light, natural scent.

Approximate burn time of 1 hour.

100% linen wick. Non-toxic. Do not ingest.

plus one

Wild Witch Emporium's

Spell Anointing Oil.

Empowering Oil

for use in Spell work, on candles, or on items, etc.

This order is for x 1 vial + 6 candles.

Use in spellwork to Manifest & attract. .

Specially Blended.

Our Spell Candle Oils are used to empower your rituals wicca,

pagan, hoodoo, santeria,

& it will arrive in a little glass vile.

2 dram, or roughly 7.4 ml Vial

Do not ingest.


50gm of Wild Witch's Black Salt.

you can use in a dish or bag under bed or pillow to ward of bad dreams.

Cast a line across door or window to keep out evil, or to end Gossip.

throw into a fire along with you worries written on paper to rid them.

Keep on your person, desk or chair to deflect Gossips, bullies, rude co-workers.

Do not take this internally.


Sold as a curio only.

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We take extreme pride in

our packing and dispatch time.

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