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Wormwood. Protection. Send back Hex. Wild Witch Vintage Herbs.




Wild Witch Herbs.

Magical Meaning.

Burn Wormwood to call on helpful spirits. Very powerful against evil. It can be carried in a bag or mixed with incense and burned to remove a curse or hex.

Use in spellwork for purification & can be added to magical sachets for Protection, you can hang these in our car or carry them on your person.

whole package approx 6.7 gm

When creating your magic you need to focus for at least 15 minutes on positive energies.

Rituals are to empower yourself & give peace.

Use when you feel you need to rid your life of bad luck

& help focus on bringing good luck.

No claims are made. Alleged powers are gathered from writing,

books, folklore & various sources including my family members.

But! I believe.

My Magic works through strength & intention.

Warning! Not to be taken internally.

NOT sold for therapeutic,

medical, or cosmetic use.

NOT to be consumed.

Keep out of the reach of children..

We take extreme pride in

our packing and dispatch time.

Any questions please feel to email us..

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