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Cat Candle, Red, Spell, 7", Love, Passion & Domination, Pagan, Witch, Hoodoo


Red Cat Candle, Spell, 7",

Love Spell.

This Red Cat ritual candle is normally used for love spells, binding spells, domination love spells, love drawing spells and any love magic ritual.

Taking the form of a slender and noble feline sitting upright, with the tip of her tail curling around her feet, this red, 7" cat candle very much resembles images of the Egyptian Goddess Bast, who was the goddess of cats and guardian of Egypt and her worshipers. Burn it to invoke Bast`s protection, or otherwise use it to invoke a vigorous, feline energy to aid you within your candle magic and love spells.

This Candle is in the form of a slender and regal feline, with the tip of her tail curling around her feet. This Ritual Cat Candle burns for approx 6 hours and is perfect for any cat lover, especially a follower of Bast, Egyptian Goddess of Cats. In some cultures Cats are believed to carry powerful energies of success and good fortune.

Also you can use this candle to represent Bast on your altar.

May need base leveling to stand completely straight.

Most of us have performed our first candle magick as children.

Blowing out the candles on our Birthday Cake & making a wish,

which is magick!

No Claims are made. Alleged powers are gathered

from writing, books, folklore & various sources

including my family members.

But! I believe!.

My magic works through strength & intention.

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