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So you want to be a Witch, By Keith Morgan,. Paperback Book, Occult Classic, Pagan


So you want to be a Witch.

By Keith Morgan.

O.O.P Out Of Print

Occult Classic.

Paperback - Slender.

Pages 27

The Forward

Do you know whether a witch is born or made?

Do you know if witches really do use broomsticks and have black cats?

These are the things that you should know before wishing to become a witch!

This book explains in a very simple and often light hearted format, everything

all aspiring witches need to know - so they can become witches!

It explores whether the preconceptions you had about witches were correct

(often they are not) and answers a lot of questions for the inquisitive searcher.

Keith Morgan is a High Priest of Wicca of many years standing.

He has written over 25 books on the practical aspect of magic and

The Old Religion.

His writing is concise and to the point, getting over many

Magical realities that many authors fail to realise.

His work will bring out

the Magickal potention in you..

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