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For Laura - Wild Witch Spell Candle. Handmade Love Candle.


Wild Witch Spell Candle.


These candles are made to order, so they may vary slightly in appearance from the photo.

Spell Candle for Love.

This powerful Love candles is blessed & dressed with intention. Manifest attraction and desire from that special someone.

All candles are dressed with magic herbs and oils are then sealed with a powerful Protection spell!


1) Place the candle in a thoughtful dedicated space that is safe to use. (Altar, bedroom, kitchen, etc...)

2) Focus on what you wish to attract. You can either visualize, speak out, or write out your intentions.

3) Use a wooden match instead of a lighter when lighting the candle for the first time as a small offering to complete the ritual.

* If you'd like us to bless the candle specifically for you, you can leave your first name, DOB, and anything else you wish to share with us about your situation in the personalization slot so that we may properly bless your candle. If you wish to remain anonymous, simply leave this area blank and we will still completely bless the candle.


I need at least 3 days to make your candle specially for you.

Candle's Burning time is approx 120 hours.

Magic works through strength & intention.


Most of us have performed our first candle magick as children.

Blowing out the candles on our Birthday Cake & making a wish,

which is magick!

No Claims are made. Alleged powers are gathered

from writing, books, folklore & various sources

including my family members.

But! I believe!.

My magic works through strength & intention.

Candle Safety on the Base of Candle.

sold as a curio only.

If you wish to add any info to help create you candle put it here, if not please just put no thank you!

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