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Bronze Triskel Dreamcatcher Pendant Large Triquetra Triple Goddess Trinity. 226


Bronze Triskel Dreamcatcher Pendant

Large Triquetra Triple Goddess Trinity.

Bronze Triskel Dreamcatcher Pendant Large Triquetra Triple Goddess Trinity Reiki

Beautiful Celtic Knotwork 'Triskel' or Triquetra with Feather Pendant in Solid Burnished Bronze

Total length 5.5cm (2 1/8") excluding bale, Total drop including bale 6.5cm (2 1/2"). Triskel 2.2cm diameter, Feather 3.2 cm long.

This item is a lovely Bronze Pendant in the form of the Celtic Triskel or Triquetra symbol surrounded by a circle and finished with a detailed bronze feather. It will be sent to its new owner cleansed and charged with healing energy, and is supplied with a black pendant cord in a protective silk drawstring gift pouch..

The Triskele is an ancient Celtic symbol representing all trinities, such as the three aspects of the Goddess, - Maiden, Mother and Wise-woman, and the personal trinity of body, mind and spirit. Three is seen as a magickal number by many ancient cultures, especially the Celts. Many of their gods appeared in triple-form. One belief is that doing something thrice makes it so. In numerology, three represents creative power and gheshtalt (when two things become more than the sum of their parts).

Bronze is an alloy of copper with small amounts of other meatals, primarily tin or zinc. It has been used for a variety of purposes for millenia, and its discovery represented a significant advance for human civilisation.

Copper is the metal sacred to Venus, and has long been linked to the divine. It is a wonderful conductor of energy.

Copper has been used for many centuries in numerous cultures to stimulate healing, probably because of its ability to balance the body's polarity and allow the projective and receptive energies to flow properly. Any imbalance in these energy systems can eventually lead to physical illness and disease.

Copper is also considered to be a 'lucky' metal, thought to be useful in attracting love and good fortune..

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