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Graveyard Dirt. Goofer Dust. Multipurpose use. Wild Witch.


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Graveyard Dirt.

Used for protection, road opening, & spirit work, Graveyard dirt is highly-valued and versatile tool in a rootworker's cabinet.

Perfect for adding to mojo bags / poppet dolls / making magickal oils / cleansing ritual tools

Grave yard dirt / Goofer dust can be used for both Dark magick and White magick

Used for protection from enemies and negative energies. Can also be used for love spells and sex magick. If a neighbour is troubling you throw an handful over their garden, driveway to stop the trouble. It is said that spirits of the dead will help you in any quest when you use Grave yard dirt, many people do not like the name so call it Goofer dust instead. .

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