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HOUSE BLESSING CANDLE, John The Conqueror, Fixed Glass, Spell, Pagan Wicca


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House Blessing Candle.

7 Day Spell Candle

in Glass Jar.

21cm x 7cm Glass Jar,

Perfect House Warming Gift.

House blessings (also known as house healings, house clearings, house cleansings and space clearing) are religious rituals intended to protect the inhabitants of a house or apartment from misfortune, whether before moving into it or to "heal" it after an occurrence. Many religions have house blessings of one form or another.

Calling on the Powers of High John the Conqueror

Hoodoo practices note, one only needs to call out the name of High John the Conqueror to enjoy the benefits of his blessings.

burns for approximately 120 hours.

Burn daily to acquire.

burns for approximately 120 hours.

Most of us have performed our first candle magick as children.

Blowing out the candles on our Birthday Cake & making a wish. which is magick!

We take extreme

pride in our DISPATCH


Any questions feel free to email us.

No claims are made. Alleged powers are gathered from writing,

books, folklore & various sources including my family members.

But! I believe.

My Magic works through strength & intention.

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