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Natural Magnetic Sand, Pagan, Wiccan, Witch, 28gm Luck


Natural Magnetic Sand.

Certain Hoodoos, Root Doctors, and Conjurers who are supposed to know about Luck make many claims for Magnetic Sand. They say a little of it carried on the person or in a Red Flannel Bag should bring Luck to anyone who possesses it.

They say it is Luck in Money Matters and brings in the Winnings. Many people sprinkle Magnetic Sand on a pair of Lodestones to keep the Luck in. They call this "feeding the Lodestone,” and they further say that the Magnetic Sand that clings to a Lodestone would be valuable to a person to draw Success in Games of Chance and make the person Lucky in Love and Romance. However, we make no claims to this effect and sell a certain Magnetic Powder which is known as Magnetic Sand as a Curio only.

We do stock Lode Stones too! if cannot find them in

our website then please check out our ebay store.

My magic works through strength & intention.

It is advised to have a special prayer or chant to focus your mind,

if you wish we can provide you with this.

When using it is best to focus on the positive.

We take extreme pride

in our packing

& dispatch time.

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