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Rue Powder, to take away bad luck, Pagan, Wicca, witch, Indio


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Rue Powder.

Polvo De Ruda

One Envelope.

Good Vibrations - End Bad Luck.

Focus with strong intention on yout r

equest, magic comes from within.

Rue Powder

28.3 g / 1 oz

Idea's for use:

Herbs, Powders & Incence can be sprinkled on the ground, on papers, or on people, including oneself or carried in your purse wallet, they can be used as spell ingredients.

Many magically minded people sprinkle Powders in the four corners of a room and on the door steps to get their desired results.

It is advised to have a special prayer or chant to focus your mind, if you wish we can provide you with this.

When using it is best to focus on the positive & we also supply oils to anoint candles & powders can rubbed into candles.

You need to focus for at least 15 minutes on positive energies.

This should be a ritual to empower yourself & give peace.

Use when you feel you need to rid your life of bad luck

& help focus on bringing good luck.

Warning! Not to be taken internally.

NOT sold for therapeutic, medical, or cosmetic use.

NOT to be consumed.

Keep out of the reach of children.

Rue is said to be for Luck,

Removing Hexes,

Protection of Home & Business.


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packing and dispatch time.

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