Wild Witch Vintage

Business Candle, Fixed Glass, 7 Days Spell Candle, Witch,


Imported from the USA.

Improve Business Candle.

Green & White layered with Glitter top.

7day Fixed Glass Candle.

21cm x 7cm Glass Jar.

Burn Improve business Candle to attract clients and make your business be more successful and it will bring fortune and prosperity.

7day Glass Candle 8" Tall

Burns approximately 120 hrs.

Burn daily with intent to aquire desire.

Most of us have performed our first candle magick as children.

Blowing out the candles on our Birthday Cake & making a wish,

which is magick!

No Claims are made. Alleged powers are gathered

from writing, books, folklore & various sources

including my family members.

But! I believe.

My magic works through strength & intention.

Check out our Candle safety page.

We take extreme pride

in our packing & dispatch time.

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