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Magical Cat Names.

Latest donated Name from Michael:
Grimalkin from the witch's familiar in Macbeth.


T S Elliot.

"The naming of a cat is a difficult matter.

It isn't just one of your holiday games.

You may think at first I'm as mad as a hatter.

When I tell you a cat must have

3 different names"


If you have any good kitty names please email us :)

& I will add them to the list at the bottom of the page :)

Scroll down to read lots & lots of Kitty names..
Our list is a little higgledy-piggledy,
my chaos theory is! your magical kitty name will jump out at you:-)

good luck. XX

Magical Girl Cat Names.


Amber, Patches, Willow, Indigo,

Anck-Su-Namun, this was the name of King Tuts Mistress, but is better known as the evil lady in the 2nd Mummy movie. 

Princess, Queen, Cleo, Magic,

Spooky, Trixie, Queenie,

Daisy, Bella, Rosie, Doris,

Bast, Mabon, Gwen, Amethyst,

Luna, Sparkle, Gypsy, Tabitha, Venus,

Angel, Beryl, Citrine,

Miaow, Star, Tallulah, Rosie,

Freya. Treacle, Pawline, Mitzi,

Kazia, Sheba, Oonagh, Kali,

Tara, Vesta, Ishtar, Gloria,

Snowy, Kathy, Cherub, Wendy,

Mrs C, Dinah, Solstice, Velvet,

 Zanzibar, Yum Yum, Orchide,

 Pixie, Saffron, Gabriel, Biba,

 Bunny, Kiki-Dee, Maizie,

 Fruity, Myrtle, Clarisa, Honey,

Pumpkin, Dusty, Nikkie, Maggie,

Isis, Trinny, Geisha, Bardot,

Marilyn, Marmite,Missy

Celia, Judie, Betty,

Kissy Kiss, Tracy, Sharon,

Winnie, Sweetie, Debbie, Shandy,

Elfie, Pixie, Nina, Margo,

Smittens, Cher, Shirley, Purdy,

Mrs Peel, Apricot,

Orla, Katy, Claudia,

Clawdia, Mitzie, Jennyanydots,

Mrs Norris, Uhura, She, Minty,

Moonlight, Dolly, Bunny, Chatty,

Happy, Tinka, Misty, Yoko, Alice,

Olga, Pretty, Poppy, Stardust,


"Lapushka." (means little Paw in Russian),

Peeka Boo, Psssst, Cassandra, Electra,

Grisabella the Glamour Cat,

Growltiger, Jellylorum,

The Gumbie Cat,

Pearl, Ruby, Cupcake, Lolliepop,

Candy, Cookie, Duchess, Onyx,

Fairy, Fay, Inky, Liquorice, Calypso,

Gaia, Hathor, Lorelie, Maneki,

Neko, Penelope, Sekhemet, Coven,

 Minerva, Marilyn, Milkshakes,

Lucky, Sassy, Sprinkles, Snowball,

Vienna, Amethyst, Bollie,

Baby, Cherry, Eloise,

Eclipse, Egypt, Kizmit,

Khat, Kizzy, Lullaby, Lulu,

Loopy, Purriwinkles, Zena,

Kashmere, Custard, Rhoobarb,

Banshee, Beauty, Celeste,

Foxy, Puzzle, Selene

Ceridwen, Hecate, Nymph,

Witchen, Flower, Lady, Spiral,

Daisy, Wanda, Blinky, Zee Zee,

Majesty, Tickle, Pet, Katy Kat,

Milly, Molly, Mandy,

Petal, Sugar, Spice, Sweetness,

Twinkle, Ruby, Sparkle,

Furbaby, Angelica, Ivy,

 Pansy, Madame, Preciouse, Pickle,

Gorgeous, Mistress, Boss,

Aggie, Amulet, Baby,

Chanel, DIVA, Cheetah,

Disco, Posh, Duchess, 

Glitter, Gingersnap, Foxie,

Lovebug, Mimsy, Mooch,

Purrball, Kitty Perry, 

very happy with item, seller is lovely and very professional

Laura - October 2020


Magickal Cat Boys Names..

Paitoon, which is Thai (Siamese) for Moonstone. 

Shasta aka shaz or Golden Boy,

Bandit or BB,

Thor, Moggy, Voodoo, Sooty, Wiccan, Arthur


 Omen, Magic, Ace, Merlin, Harry, Frodo, 

Cobweb, Cosmic, Spook, Sly, Chaos, Roary,

FlAME, Parsley, Pooka, Toggle, Fred, Buster,

Mu, Meu,

Ying Yang, Toby Rumi Claude, Cosmos,

Whiskie, Pyewacket Leo,

Cfer (cat) Tarot, Nimrod, Ichabod,

Archie, Icarus,

Sunny, Barney, Seb, Max,

Maxwell, Zen, Mr C,

Pippin, Tartan, Tomato,

Wonton, Dandy Galahad,

Conan, Mittens,

Plato, Kafka, Winston,

Zorro, Freud, Tolstoy,

Dickens, Lennon, Cupid,

Dandy-Lion, Cake,

Raphael, Ochre, Liquorice,

Ginger, Clown, Patch, Herb,

Ebony, Picasso, Albert,

Tony, Mozart,

Lovejoy, Pipkin, Boo,

Barathea, Crooner, Barry,

Teddy, Steed, Shere Khan,

Rum tum, Wobble, Polka, Sky,

D.C, Caruso, Deuteronomy,

T.S Elliot, Greebo, Copper,

Basil, Avalon, Swizzle,

Skylar, Bertie, Midnight, Pudding,

Admetus, Alonzo, Bustopher,

Magical, Mr Mistoffelees aka

Quaxa, Mungojerrie,

Tumblebrutus aka Bill Bailey,

Thomas O'Malley,

Banana's, Hiisi, Orion, Oberon,

Seth, Titan, Thrill, Wizard,

Severus, Wiggles,

Thackery Binx,

Bagheera (Jungle Book Panther)

Cheshire, Lipshen,

Maurice, Pyewacket,

Ratha, Shere Khan,

Slinky Malinki, Squire,

Tibert, Rum Tum Tugger,

Peter, Tazzle, Attila,

Bagpuss, Doraemon, Faron,

Noodles, Nero, Dice,

Cappuccino,  Cashmere

Fezzywig, King, Knight,

Minimog, Peskie,

Pluto, Pharoah, Pewter,

Runic, Rowan, Stone,

Spirit, Licky Scrathipoo's,

Tinkle, Urchin, Zog,

Zig Zag, Guru, Charm,

Valentino, Thunder, Phantom,

Sinbad, Dylan, Aslan,

Crookshanks, Salem, Simba,

Captain, Hoodoo, Albino,

Comet, Tigg, Scratch, Fury,

Oddie (Bird Watcher), Duke,

Sir C, Boss, Purr Meister,

Spring, Izzy, Wizzy, Beast,

Sage, Norse, Herby,

Tin Tin (as in food)

Pet, Nip, Wick, My-son,

Tinkle, Smudge, Hunter,

Squidgey, Brewster, Comic,

Cosmo, Boyo, Doodle, Jet,

His-Nibs, Pagan, Star,

Chief, Rufus, Casino,

Emperor, King, Boo Boo,

Dumpling, Feisty, Nubbins,

Puddy Tat, Pee wee,

Meowth,  Sherlock, Hank,

Tornado, Voltaire,

Taxi,  Ash,  Viggo,  Polka,

Please ;-) you are welcome to click the Gorgeous Tabby to email us a Cat Name.

I want to say

Many, Many Thanks

to everyone

who has sent us some


Cat names.  :-) x

Jacqueline Holmes


I named my black cat Carbonel after the cat in childrens book called Carbonel which was about a witches cat. Great name.

The latest brilliant Kitty names

emailed  to us are from:



I have a black cat named Coven!

Mandy Clarke


Hello i have 3 cats a pure black long haired called boo .. his sister is a tabby called pudding and yesterday i got a silver tabby boy kitten with no name yet but over the years i had fluff .. clovis mr bizzy.. muffin .. salem .. kittenite.big ben ... merle.. rhea .. bubbles .. sam.. tarot .. and wicca ..

Ps some great names x

Mary Repinski


Lestat was his name, big beautiful Lestat the fat cat...



I named my male cat vinnie valentino



Had a black female cat 40 years ago named Macbeth gettyready to get a New little all black long haired female going to call her Willa.

Tillie Grace


Additional special name for a cat: Calliope I have a very unique kitten - A teeny, tiny, 4 month old "toy" calico. At present she is 4 months old, but is just slightly bigger than a new born. So small, vet will not give her first shots till she gains a bit more weight. Estimates at full grown she will only weigh 4 to 5 pounds. Sweet & affectionate with golden eyes that sometimes seem to be trying to communicate with you. Extremely smart and can wrap herself around Luna's, my other calico's, "finger" to get her way. She has stolen my 8 y.o. grandson's heart, although he's quite vocal that her name should be Pixie or Willow. Somehow Calliope just seems to fit her. As soon as I can figure out how to use my new cell, will send you a pic so you can see for yourself.



My cats names are Hialeah O'Hara and Harper Oakley.



I wanted to send you a cat name, Rigel after the blue super giant star in Orion's (constellation) left foot.



Hello and Bright Blessings, here are my kitties names to add to the list. I have 2 adults who were rescues as kittens, my female is Meepsittybitty and my beautiful big black male is Mistletoe. I have four little littles, Punkinpadfoot, Magickmike, Morgaine LeFey, and Mr.Gingie and a happy bunch are we. I hope you can add us to the list. Merry Part.



I have 3 cats and a kitten all three cats are girls and there names are MIDNIGHT (a black cat) her nick name is bigbum;D TIGRIS (a main coon kind of cat) her nick name is puddy gurl and MINNIE MOUSE ( a patchy black cat her nick name is my widdle culle monster.The kitten is a boy i just got him recently and i decided to call him SIR PUSS and his nick name will be my teddy bear :D
Thanks for taking time to read this ... ;D



My cats names are Hialeah O'Hara and Harper Oakley.



I wanted to send you a cat name, Rigel after the blue super giant star in Orion's (constellation) left foot.

Ronnie Carter


My last two cats were girls and their names were Indie (Indica), and 'Tiva (Sativa). Getting ready to adopt two new solid black girls born August 17th. They will be Luna and Phoenix.



I had a beautiful male black cat yrs ago i named him Nickademus, everyone loved it.



How about: Zera, Ziva, Onyx and Obsidian.
Mr. Whiskers and Pirelli

Katherine Webster


I found a stray gray tabby. His eye are green and wonderfully big. I fell in love with him at first sight, so I've named him Hex, because he truly cast a spell on me.



Sancho.. My male familiars name



Elvis, T'Grr (Tigger), S'Moki, S'Ugar, Tesoro (treasure in Spanish), Namu, Nikita, Yoda, McGuyver, Mrink, Ink, Onyx, Evel (like Evel Kenevel), Astro, Aster, Anise, Lucius, Lucifer, Beelzebub, Mehitabel, Gargamel, Gandalf, Aragorn, Seti, Ra, Anubis, Ahnk, Dax, Odo, Delenn, Lorien, Zathras, Quark, Sarak, Spock, Cat Astrophe, Catty Wampus

Peri Wyrrd


My cat names are Calliope, who passed at 19; Squidgett and Brathead, who are the daughters of Isis; Nightmare, my big boy; Morgan, Nightmare's brother; Khaleesi, my young Bengal; and Annekin, her solid white DSH boyfriend. I'm about to get a new black kitty I'll probably call Salem Darkmoon. Thanks!



I have females named halo, serenity, patches, spot, black Betty, and Lucille. I have males named named Jack Wagon(JW),Tippy toes, Moo moo,hubbabubba,stripers, joones,and Prince.



Some names for your list: Soot Sprite Serendipity Starshine Galaxy Duvessa Mystique Shimmer Oracle Kamaria Zelenia Alchemy Thanks for the ideas!



My new kittens name is Meka maca moomoo. Black and white with a black heart on her noise. She is the sweetest! rescued from shelter at 6 months old.

Alice Lynn Ray


Name Lathirus  (Sweet Pea) Greek.

Cinder, Kle0, Kenosha, Shakti, Sheamus, Aiden, Bombadill, DjAngo, Chiva, Gaia, Bella, Zia Kochise, Thomas, Erie, Shaman, Boo, Godi, Luna Osa, and Chantico (aztec goddess)Keeper of the Hearth! she is almost 17 yrs old!! Still going strong!!!'

Erin Latta


My familiar is a female black and white longhair kitty named Nyx Oonagh. :) Nyx is one of my favorite names.

Tammy Robison


Two white cats one who doesn't know where to tinkle so he's Mr Tinkles with ice blue eyes and other one is white too with one blue eye and one green and he's Tiny so his name is Dinky Ditta Tid Bit....



It always takes me ages to discover my cat's names! I like to find something that fits the individual personality and compliments their looks. To date, there has been ~~~ Cinder (female, calico) ~~~ Mare (female, solid black) ~~~ Solomon (solid white boy with a blue and a green eye) ~~~ Tom (a Manx tabby) ~~~ Seal (brown/black female) ~~~ Calisto (blue point Siamese girl) ~~~ Bashia (female, solid black Oriental) ~~~ Sammy (a HUGE gray and white boy) ~~~ Tomas (a beautiful British Blue boy, who recently passed on at age 19) ..... And my current trio ~~~ Hoshi (black with a white spot on her chest - her name means 'star' in Japanese) ~~~ Selene (a gorgeous 5month old tortie ) and ~~~ Haya-Ji (a 9 week old solid white boy, named for the Shinto god of whirlwinds - he is nuts, it very much fits him! lol).



The cats of my life names were: Sydney, Kennedy, scarlet, Lazarus, porcia, friday, maximus, eliza, loki, puck

Suzi Q


Cat names - Presto

Jenifer Williams


Here's a few of my cat names from over the years...
Doobie (my stoner cat)
Little girl (Ruby)
Little guy
A.Z.(Bud cat)
Mystic (All black)
Bitch (Lare Uncle's cat)
Andrew (Older Cat)

Victoria V


I thought I would share one of my cat names since I didn't see it on your list! It's a female and her name is KARMA. .

Paul Hake


Hello, I had a wonderful black cat named Coco Marie rosebud but also over the years her names she all enjoyed was rosy, bandit, Queenie, banshie, and little ghost. She past away in November 2015 may she RIP. My familiar was the best cat, I  found her as a kitten in a barn and took care of her for 14 years.

Thank you Paul & Brightest Blessings.




Adding to the cat name discussion, I have one black and white cat Tinker and two black cats Dinky and Mab (as in Queen Mab of the fairies, who was small and mischievous, so totally suited to our Mab)

Elizabeth Rye



I have some cat names for you:
Lucinda aka Luci-furr,
Madame Mim (Mimsy)

Sir Harry FunLickinbottom
Alysius (alowishus)

Some of these we've used, some we will use in the future but I'm happy to share!



My sweet, feisty black girl aged 17 passed away last month. She was called Colette. We called her Pushka sometimes. We had her son, Figaro, but he died young. Before that my big old black boy was called Camberwell. Our new addition is coming next week, a big black chap that we calling Orlando, Rolly, for short. Thanks for the fun names. There is such love coming from these pages. Rich



Could you please add Phobos to the magical boy cat names? :)
And add Andromeda to the magical girl cat names?

Tammy Scally


I have a black cat Lucky a white Bacardi a gray Shasta a main coon Grey stripped Phoenix and thinking of getting an orange coon thinking of calling him Blaze

Melanie Joy


Cat names, Victorine Lavinia Tinkerbell. Dellah Delphine Clementina. Mariette, Mrs Speckles. Beatrice Bee-Bumble Celine Sylvie Rupert Fergus COSMO Mungo Dominco Mortimer Merle Harris Just a few ideas!



Thanks for the great names on here as I was thinking of getting another kitty. I have a 15 year old torti-shelled Manx and her name is Athena. Trying to find something to go with that. So if any suggestions on Female greek names for a kitty female that would be great. Thanks!%0D%0A%0D%0AOther good names for females are Jazzy and Charlotte%0D%0AAnd males could be Morrissey%2C Marley and Zeppelin.



hi jenny the name is ninja my phone must of corrected it to Ginger. did i also give you the names rusty,kiko and midknight .

Thank you Annette for the beautiful names :-) x



Wow, this is quite a huge list! I looked through most of it, but couldn't get through it all. I have 3 black cats, they are named Lightning, Midnight and Ninja.



My first cat I named Baby (which is the most common cat name BTW)...he was an orange tabby who i had to bottle feed cuz he was so tiny. I tried to name him something appropriate...Punkin, Bandit, all kindsa stuff but he was just MY BABY. My 2nd cat, a female bengal, and I named her "Mystik" which suited her perfectly...I lost her a few months ago and I'm getting a new orange tabby tomorrow...I want to meet him and find a name that suits him...but I'm thinking of Brandy, Scotch, and Rusty...we'll see?!?



Allomere, Moon, Star, Endora, Soren, Una, Devana, Willow, Blix, Solstice, Grimble, Smudge, Aura, Shadow, Luna, Blaze, Pewter, Nyra, Cinnamon, I suppose you could just go on and on and on..... What a beautiful site. Simple, pleasant to the eyes and friendly. And so helpful with the choosing for my new black older kitten, though I haven't chosen yet....lol. Thanks again.



All the Cat names I have had. Female: Ivory(White Persian), Smokey (Grey Tabby). Gypsy (Grey tabby colours, Main-coon). Male; Champ/Champ-square (Orange Tabby/Persian), Mapol (Fire point Himalayan) , Tony (Chocolate Point Himalayan, Uno (Grey tabby w/ one eye), Cheeba/Cheebi/Wheebi(Black cat green eyes. Was originally Sheeba until we realized it was a girl 6mo later..), Dash (brown tabby colours, Main-coon), Magik (black cat).

Just namiing my new kitten now, she is a fluffy grey and peach calico also known as diluted calico, or possibly a version of tortoiseshell, not sure what kind she is. I want a unisex name or a boyish name. any suggestions?

Hi Lucy. So sorry for missing the naming of your new kitten, I'd love to know what name you chose? Thank you so much for getting in contact & the names you have given this page are absolutely stunning, so I know you didn't need us for your new Kittens name.

Logan huff.


I think you should mention these names on your familiar name list! Sage Midnight Misty Stripes Spot Riversage Copper Cooper Parker These are some good cat and dog familiar names!!! :) ;p

Wade Wilson


Named my first black cat "Night Owl," when I was 6 because she was black like the night and had eyes like an owl's.



Hi. I have a few cat name that maybe you can put on the site. Streak for a boy and bluebell for a girl. Could you please put them on the site?



We named our two female cats Embers Nefetari and Mischief Witch-Hazel (Mischief being the black one :) ) your name list helped a lot!

Net / babygirl4


hello thought i would send you some names i have 3 cats and a kitten soon be getting another kitten my cats are rusty who is ginger,moxley who has more white than ginger,ninja who is moxley brother but has more ginger on him and the kitten kiko who is white whith black markings and the new kitten that is ginger with white paws as yet as the name sandy but im maybe changing it to simba and he is kiko brother



I have two names for consideration. I Adopted two beautiful little black female kittens. They are sisters. They are named Hocus and Pocus. Im sure the names could be suited for male or female. =^..^=

Holly Miller





I rarely see it, but my black Scottish Fold's name is "Scorch"...fits him perfectly!



I have 5 cats and one of my cats just had kittens 4 weeks ago, but their names are Oreo, Duskey, Felix, Tinkerbell (the one who had kittens), and Steven Craig which we call only Steven. We don't know what to name the kittens yet but there are 4, 3 girls (2 blacks and a gray and white) and then there is the boy (which is Orange)



My blask cat with two white dots under his nose is named Jinxy. Didn't see that on your list but I really love it!

Cyrus Campbell


My new 4 week old grey kitty rescued from inside a wall at the airport finally has a name I love patchouli and so I put a feline twist on it Purrchouli.



Just before Christmas we lost our beloved orange and white boy named "Gingerino" which is an Italian orange non-alcoholic beverage. we called him Ginger or Gingy for short - he was the sweetest, most fun loving cat you could ever meet and we miss him so. We now have a tiny beautiful sleek dark chocolate almost black beauty that we've named "Mia" which in Italian means "mine or my beloved". She is also referred to as Minky Mia, Minx, Mia Teeny and "Pantera" panther in Italian. We are awaiting the arrival of another orange and white boy who'll be big enough to leave his mum by the end of the month. We are looking out for a captivating name for him. So far we like Tobi, Oliver, Gatsby, Archie or Archer, Loki, Pudding and Waffles. We'll have to wait until we bring him home to seen what suits him best.



I love all the names :) I named our cat Lilly but now we call her Wompus. We have two other kittens and I think we're naming them Ruckus ?? and Seda. Not sure they are both so different.



Hi, I've had so many lovely cats over the years. Alive right now are Spooky (grey tom), his brother GInger and our new addition today is Mamba. Last year lost our gorgeous feisty calico called Chipawkin. She was 18 years old and named by my son Josh when he was just three. xx



Love to you all! Lost my beloved Mr Fox this year. Am picking up new baby in 3 weeks :) have had tiger, Corey,Chester and a tink in my life all for the better:)have found mostly they have told me there names in good time ! blessed Be xo

Lisa smith


I'm collecting my new blue/cream British short hair this weekend and I've named her Vogue as she's so beautiful :-) x x



I have a cat name to add to your list. I have a black cat named Devlyn, it's a feminine sounding version of devil. Thought you might like it.

Kat Shrake


Just found a baby wondering the streets today. Naming her Pagan Elvin Star. He may quickly become my familiar. He has taken quite a shine to me. I am very happy about the new addition to my family since my last kitten was taken when my room mates left.

Brandy Smith


I have 18 cats with names on your list but thought you would also like Ziggelman, Zoey, Mustach, Snickit, Chunky Monkey, Clive, Zophia, Esmeralda, Twister, Festus, Count Fuzzington, and Jasmine!

Anything Else.. : BTW we run a sanctuary and we are always looking for new fun names! love your site!

Thank you so much Brandy & all praises to you for your Sanctuary ... such an Angel thing to do xxx




I have five cats gizmo boots marmalade honey treacle and we've just got a new kitten going to call him Novell or Merlin can't agree.



I just got my new gorgeous black kitten today and named him Malechai when i told him it he came up and kissed my nose he is my familiar






Boy cat name : Salem



My cats names are mystique and raven both black of course !



I have some names for you cat name list. My boys names: Ramses Lestat (9 year old black baby) and Eos Diamond Blue (recently passed) and my girl is Athena Rose (4 month old Russian blue mix)



Shanti means Peace perfect for my jet black cat with green eyes who barely makes a sound
Samadi means Bliss
Scout (guide) And he truly is a guide and protector



I think Loki is a great name for a male cat...

Ashley Lyell


My kitty is named leeepshyn. She is going to be a year old on Halloween



Here is a composition of names from all the critters out in my yard, including the cats.
For the girls:
Miz Saidie Littlefoot ~ Savahnna Mink ~ Itty Bitty ~ Kira ~ Kasha ~ Kai ~ Nora ~ Cricket ~ Molly ~ Booger ~ Girly Girl ~ Jasper ~ Sway ~ Roses ~ Turd (lol) ~ Honey ~ Diamond ~ Dieddle-Fart (trust me, she is!) ~ Cedar
For the boys:
Sebastian ~ Bo-Bo ~ Tucker ~ Seven ~ Pachoulli ~ Jack ~ Patch ~ Tude (attitude) ~ Blue ~ FatBoy ~ Buster ~ Poe (Edgar Allan) ~ Handsome ~ and of course... Midnight (who just passed away at the age of 25!)-he was my familiar.
I also have two Orb Weaver Spiders named Charlotte and Seraphine
Hope you can get some ideas from my menagerie. I have a new Black kitten with gold eyes that is a rescue. looking for an appropriate name. He came into my life just as my Midnight passed away.




love is true



I found a little black starving kitten along our country road. I named her "Magick"!



Hiya, a request for Milo and Tiger to add to your male kitty names please! I couldn't see them :-)



I just got a kitten today, named her Jazelle.



I chose a name for my kitty from here (VooDoo)...and offer another in return- Merlin.

Moon Gazing Cat:

We are so happy to helped with your Cat Name & a Huge Thanks for the beautiful Name Merlin :-) xx



I just got a kitten today, named her Jazelle.



My wonderful companion of 18 years was "Sweetpea".



I am about to get 2 black cat kittens and was stumped for names, wanted something different, but also mystical and magical so I came up with
Rune and Tarot.

Jill Borden


cat name Queen Nefirkitti

Jennifer Tibbetts


Is moonlight, broomstick or Athena

great magical names for a cat.

We say, Yes! they are :-)



I have some cat names I would like to share with you. They are "Junie B. Jones (Junie for short), Jazzmer, and Vitani (from Lion King 2). Some more would be "Nova" and "Cosmo"



name of my cat is zeus.



My kittys are wicked(black boy), widget(lilac girl), fudgelsticks(black girl), renesmae (tuxedo girl) smokey blu (siamese girl),arthmael ( lynx hybrid boy), olive ( tortie girl). 3 we lost recently mocha Joe ( Maine coon boy), cyn ( savanna boy), & hershy kisses(tuxedo boy). All my babies were feral.



boy cat name :Wolfie (short for Wolfsbane)



azure, delilah, silvie, osian, lunar, zeus.

Jill Flaherty


My familars both females calico Sasha & tiger striped Sage. Sasha Kitty & Crazy Sagie... Didn't see them on your list. Love the name Salem fo a blackcat. Zofo & Bigfoot (found with a brokenleg foot swelled up hence the name!!) My first two-gone but never forgotten...



my cats are Grimey, Star, Chloe, Mr. Grey, Tommy, Licky, Bentley, Candy, Fluttershy, Miss Priss, Moomoo and I have two without names right now cant find anything that fits them.



I just got a new kitten 3 days ago I named her midnight skii spirit I just found your website to night. A good name for a black cat is spirit but I did not see it in your list perhaps you should add it to your list.



I would love for you to have a name from my cat that's turning 10 in July. Her name is SilverBell or (bell) for short.
Anything Else.. : Thank you. P.s love the name Bonnie & Clyde

Jenny says: Thank you :-)



Cats named Salem, Kira, Yoshi,

Reigna, & Raven. Great cat name is Saavik.

It means little cat in Romulen. Go Trekkers.

Tina Fortuna


Cat Name: Mellow



A cat name you could add to your list- Penelope

Ian C Bishop


just a couple of witchy cat names for you that seem to be missing. my cats names are.. Grimblekin or Grimlekin (which is actually what you call an elderly femail cat. Although my Grimblekin was a boy.) Pyewacket and my fave, which is an old Dutch word that means something like 'little freak' is Greazel.



My three year old male black cat is named "Punk" - and my new 8 week old male black cat is called "Pagan". They're both awesome and gorgeous.



We are having a grey kitten in 2 weeks and we are naming her Phoebe.



My first black cat was Vladimir, sweetest boy you'll ever meet. My second was a girl Guenivere (not named by me but appropriate) so when I lost Vlad, the next boy we got ended up being Lancelot. My friend wanted a vampire name and when we came across that we thought it appropriate to go with Guen, and they were great together. Right now, I have two orange cats, (Isa)Bella and Jacob. Long, long ago it was Jasmine Lynn, Brittany Marie, Brandon Lee and Jordan Alexander :)



My Cats:
Scamper Henry (Hank)
Willow Brook (Wills)
Melody Pond (Babbers)
Anything Else.. : Melody Pond is a Dr. Who character played by Alex Kingston



We've had three gorgeous persians namely Lucy, Millie and Saska. RIP all of them...they gave us so much love and enjoyment. Lucy just died before Xmas aged 18 yrs young bless her xoxo



Hi, my girls are Willow, Jezabel, Tabitha & Salem and my boys are Arcamedes, Balthazar, Merlin, Pudding, Bartleby & Loki, came looking today as a new baby turned up at my door, thanks for all the ideas :-)



Two great names for kitty cats:

Male - Qatari
Female (calico) Scribblina



I named my beautiful cat Spice. he is 9 on xmas day.



Friend named black cat HOOVER because he looked like the inside of a vacuum cleaner.



Sunshine is a nice name for a multicoloured cat (orange, ginger, black, white, brown) with a sweet loving personality.



Friend named black cat HOOVER because he looked like the inside of a vacuum cleaner.



Scooter, Pebbles



I'd just like to say I love this website! with the suggested names I have chosen to name my new female cat are

Iridescence Electra Jade.



Male cat name: Mr. Bello (Mr. Handsome)

E. Cook:

Message : 

In loving memory of my wonderful companion for 17 years:



Message :

For Females : "Isadora" meaning gift from Isis.
"Isis" is another great name. I also like "Raven"
For Males : "Astral" and
"Belasco" meaning : Son of the Raven.


Submitting my cats names - all 3 are black. Zora -16 yrs old - she's the queen of the tribe.
Found Midori last year- named her Midori because of her brilliant green eyes - 3rd black kitten I found this week I've named Adina - which means gentle


Just wanted to send my cats name out that I noticed you didn't have. Her name is Kato (like in the green hornet) because she has a black band across her eyes. It can also be a boys name too


I have a rescue cat that is pure black with brilliant gold green eyes who loves the night so we named her Mud after the goddess of the night.



Named my new all black, gold eyed, elegant, athletic, aaffectionate and charming female kitten: Tiny Panther Dancer



My cats are called Mortica (girl) and Gomez (boy) xx



i just wanted to tell you my cats names to see if you think they are magical (they are to me ), one is called Tinkabella and the other one is called Banjo.
thank you for reading



The name Kisa is uncommon and nobody

knows the exact origin, but it means little kitten.



Max & Molly.



My male cat is called, BINX after JINXs the kat.



We have had the boys rascals, ninja, tiger tam, Charlie, and the girls are Harley, cleo, dulux and kimeko x



My cute cats' names -
Boys: Boogie Man, Raisin' Cain (both black)

Thank you for the fab names Gabrielle:

Three have been forgotten, I think...

Merlin, Emrys and Taliesin :)

Peter Jackson.

Girl Cat names- Pixie, Kitten Mew, Athena, Cumulus,

Boy Cat names- Sammy Joe, Loki, Majick, Thomas.

Many thanks Peter :)

Latest names from


thank you, they are lovely.

My fav girl cat name: Kiki. Fav boy cat name:

Chino. (Pronounced Chino, like cappuccino) :)

 The latest names have been from 

Peter in Oz:

Astrophe & Mandu

place "Cat" in front & you'll see.

& 2 Beautiful names from Nancy :)

Paitoon which is Thai ( Siamese) for Moonstone, we thought this was appropriate

Female Cat named Anck-Su-Namon. This was the name of King Tut's Mistress, but is better known as the evil lady in the 2nd Mummy movies.



orange blossom bubbles jamie jellybean jinxers pumpkin muffin widget fidget milo honey simba mufasa poptart sammie janet mumble petrie perry ducky buddha elmo buster

Trudy Schwartz-Burrill


Good cats names boy or girls
Yin, Yang, Soda, Dr Pepper, Midnight, Blackie, Jezebel, Bling, Hurricane, BlackBerry, Tornado, Stormy, Stelth, Sluth, Hurricane, Katerina, Fedora, Penguin, Sly, Shire, Knight, Kingston, Kingsley, Quasar, Charcoal, Coal, Lincoln, Linux, Linx, Spooky, Hamilton, Slick, Batman, Goth, Pepper, Midnight Shadow,
Lilith or Debuk (devil inYiddish), Schwartzkoff, Capo, Sluth, Amadayias, as
Chiva, (black in Spanish), Negra (girl) in Spanish Negro (boy) in black in Spanish. Schwartz is black in German. Mercedes, Porche, Linx, Jaguar, Panther, Pythagoras, Python, Domino, Damian, Demon,
Diamond, Skunkie, Jaguar, Penguin, Sly, Sluth, Soda, Cheeta, Chester, Midnight, blackie, Chestnut, Bach, Journey, Amadayias.




        This is what a Bonnie & Clyde look like :-)

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