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The Magick of Crystals & Plants.

Plant Magick.

Acacia ... Platonic Love.

Acorn ... Prosperity, Strength.

Alfalfa ... Fertility, Abundance, Prosperity.

Allspice ... Healing, money, luck.

Almond ... Fertility, Money, Prosperity.

Amber ... Self-Confidence, Protection, Healing.

Anise ...  Divination, Prevent Nightmares, Protection.

Apple ... Love, Friendship.

Ashtree ... Material Wealth.

Avocado ... Beauty.

Banana ... Fertility.

Bamboo ... Hex-Breaking.

Basil ... Clairvoyance, Divination, Wealth.

Bay ... Wisdom, protection, Clairvoyance.

Bayberry ... Money, Good luck.

Bean ... Protection.

Bergamot ... Hex-breaking, Money.

Burdock ... Protection, healing, Earth magic.

Cabbage ... Luck.

Cactus ... Protection.

Camphor ... Psychic awareness, Divination.

Carnation ... Power & Love.

Carrot ... Fertility, Lust.

Cat's Claw ...  Prosperity, Money drawing.

Catnip ... Cat magick, Attracts Good Spirits, Love, Luck.

Cedar Healing ... Courage, Protection, Money, Hex-breaking.

Chamomile ... Money, Love, Luck.

Cherry ... Divination, Love.

Chickweed ... Fidelity,

Chilli Pepper ... Hex-Breaking. 

Cinnamon Healing ... Love, Power, Success.

Clove Money ... Love, Lust, Protection.

Clover ... Protection, Money, Love, Luck in games of chance.

Coltsfoot ... Peace, Tranquility.

Comfrey ... Money, Safe Travel.

Corn ... Money, Harvest.

Copal Resin ... Purification.

Cyclemen ... Love, Truth, Fertility, Happiness.

Cypress ... Comfort Healing (magical meaning), Protection.

Cucumber ... Fertility.

Daisies ... Inspirations.

Dandelion ... Divination, Wishes.

Dill ... Love, Lust, Money.

Dragon's Blood ... Money, Protection, Attracts Love, Banishes Evil.

Elder Berry ... Protection.

Elder Flowers ... Seeking knowledge.

Eucalyptus ... Healing, Protection.

Eyebright ... Clairvoyance.

Feverfew ... Protection for the accident prone.

Fenne ... Money Magic.

Fig ... Chastity. 

Frankincense ... Spirituality, Meditation.

Gardenia ... Peace & Love.

Garlic ... Banishing, Exorcising, Protection.

Geranium ... Fertility, Love.

Ginger ... Success, Power, Money, Love, Passion.

Ginkgo ... Contact spirits, Clairvoyance.

Ginseng ... Vitality, Sexual Force.

Golden Seal Root ... Healing, money.

Hawthorn Berry ... Fertility, Chastity.

Hemlock ... Astral projection, Purification.

Hibiscus ... Love, Lust, Divination.

Honeysuckle ... Money Drawing, Psychic Awareness.

Hops Flowers ... Healing.

Hyacinth ... Love.

Hyssop ... Protection, Banishing.

Ivy ... Luck, Prosperity.

Kava Kava Root ... Vision Dreaming , Luck, Protection.

Lavender ... Love, Peace, Happiness, Clairvoyance, Sleep, Protection.

Lemon Peel ... Longevity, Moon Magick, Friendship.

Lemon Balm ... Purification, healing

Lemongrass ... Lust, Psychic Powers.

Lettuce ... Sleep, Peace.

Liquorice Root ... Lust, passion.

Lilac ... Protection, Banishing Ghosts.

Lily of the Valley ... Stimulates the Intellect.

Lotus ... Spirituality.

Magnolia ... Peace, Nature Spells.

Mandrake ... Protection, power, magic.

Marigold ... Protection, Prophetic Dreams, Legal Matters.

Mistletoe ... Protection, love, fertility.

Moss ... Maternal Love.

Musk ... Courage, Fertility, Lust.

Mustard Seed ... Purification.

Myrrh ... Spirituality, Protection, Exorcism.


Narcissus ... Peace & Harmony, Luck.

Nettle ... Protection, Healing, Spell-Breaking, Confidence.

Nutmeg ... Fidelity, Luck, Money, Scrying.

Oak Moss ... Money drawing Spell.

Oats ... Energy, Vitality, Material Prosperity.

Orange Peel ... Divination, Love, Luck, Money, Success.

Onion ... Healing, Cleansing.

Passion Flower ... Peace, Sleep, Friendship, Calming.

Patchouli ... Fertility, Lust, Money, Attraction.

Peach ... Wisdom, Luck in Exams.

Pear ... Lust, Love.

Pepper ... Protection, Strength, Lust.

Peppermint ... Love, Psychic Awareness.

Pine ... Healing, Protection, Exorcism, Fertility, Money.

Poppy ... Love, Lust.

Primrose ... Protection, Love.

Raspberry ... Protection.

Red Clover Top ...  Luck, Success, Anti-Hexing.

Red Tulip ... Declaration of Love.

Rose ... Love, Beauty, Psychic Powers, Divination, Luck, Protection

Rose Hips ... Love.

Rosemary ... Protection, Love, Lust.

Rowan ... Protection, Anti-Haunting.

Sage ... Luck, Healing, Protection.

Salt ... Cleansing.

Sandalwood .. Spirituality, Protection, Wishes, Healing.

       Sarsaparilla ... Social Elevation, Work & Riches.

Scullcap ... Relaxation, Peace, Fidelity.

Slippery Elm Bark ... Anti-gossip, Persuasion.

Sheperds Purse ... Depression, St Johns.

Spearmint ... Healing, Love, Mental Powers, Money.

Strawberry ... Love, Beauty.

Sweet Pea ... Friendship.


Sunflower ... Wisdom.

Tangerine Peel ... Psychic powers.

Tea ... Divination.

Tea Tree ... Healing, anti-fungal (medicinal).

Thyme ... Health, Riches.

Tobacco ... Banishing.

Tonka Beans ... Love, Luck, Money, Courage, Wishes.

Valerian Root ... Sleep, love, Mending Quarrels.

Vanilla ... Magic love, Lust.

Vervain ... Protection, Peace.

Vetivert ... Hex Breaking, Peace, Protection.

Violet ... Love & Lust.

Wild Cherry Bark .. Romance, Seduction, Compassion.

Yellow Rose ... Jealousy, Decrease in Love.

Yellow Tulip ... Hopeless Love.

Ylang Ylang ... Balance & spirituality.

“Our life is what our thoughts make it.”

 Marcus Aurelius quotes (Roman emperor, best known for his Meditations on Stoic philosophy, AD 121-180)

Featured Emporium Items.

Really lovely pendant - wont be taking it off at all now - arrived quickly and packed well

October 2020 Diane.

White Sage:

Luck, Healing, Protection.

White sage smudging is commonly

used to drive out negative

thoughts and bad spirits, and

setting the energy for ceremony

or blessings.

Lavender is a very potent Herb.

A  magical way to super charge

 your Crystals is to  pop your

 Crystal in a pot  of Lavender

Lavender is linked to the Planet

 Mercury & Air & has the magical

 property of purification, Love & Peace.

Its a wonderful fragrance to have

 about the home for balance

 & a peaceful environment.

It also helps the insomniac

sleep a Dreamy sleep.

Crystal Meanings.

                 ABALONE - Healing Calmness

AGATE - Love, luck, money , long life


ALEXANDRITE - Renewal, Protection

ALMANDINE - Helps relationships

AMAZONITE - Truth , Psychic ability

AMBER - Love, Wisdom, Energy

AMETHYST - Balance, Meditation, Psychic abilities, Healing , rehab aid GREAT FOR RECOVERING ALCOHOLICS

APATITE - Good for the mind, Diet Crystal

AQUAMARINE - Psychic Energy, Mind Power Cleansing, Meditation

ARAGONITE - Helps you see the Truth


AVENTURINE - Boosts Creativity

BERYL - Thought Power


BLUE QUARTZ - Meditation Psychic Abilities

BOTSWANA AGATE - Protection, Fertility, Emotions

BRONZE - Relaxation.

CALCITE - Wisdom, Psychic Abilities, Astral Projection

CARNELIAN - Reincarnation and Past Lives

CAT'S EYE - Mind Booster

CELESTITE - Enlightenment

CHRYSOBERYL - Promotes Forgiveness



CITRINE - Protection, Courage, Confidence.

COBALT - Psychic Power Awarness

COPPER - Cleansing, Luck, Healing , Mind Power

CORAL - Protection

DANBURITE - Increases Patience

DIAMOND - Love, Longevity, Hope, Courage Will Power

DIOPTASE - Relaxation, Meditation

EMERALD- Love, Wellbeing, Mind Power

FIRE OPAL - Passion

FLINT - Courage, Protection

FLUORITE - Protection, Psychic Abilities, Knowledge

GALENA - Healing

GARNET - Love, Passion, Sexuality, Intimacy, Healing

GEODES - Knowlage, Attracts Friendship

GOLD - Happiness, Courage, Luck

GRANITE - Acceptance

GROSSULARITE - Energy, Career Success. Healing. Relaxation

GYPSUM - Prosperity, Luck

HEMATITE - Concentration, Courage, Confidence

HOWLITE - Boosts Artistic Expression

IRON - Strength, Protection

JADE - Fertility, Wisdom, Meditation

JASPER- Relaxation

JET - Protection

KUNZITE - Friendship

KYANITE - Psychic ability

LABRADORITE - Psychic Abilities, Magick Powers

LAPIS LAZULI - Love, Psychic Ability

LACE AGATE - Cleansing, Protection


MARCASITE - Relaxation


MOONSTONE - Love, Hope, Spiritual Insight, Luck

MOSS AGATE - Prosperity, Wealth, Luck

MUSCOVITE - Astral Projection

OBSIDIAN - Purification, Sexuality

ONYX - Energy

OPAL - Love, Originality. Energy

PEARL - Honesty, Concentration, Meditation

PERIDOT - Healing

PYRITE - Intelligence


RHODONITE - Brings Calmness

ROSE QUARTZ - Love, Healing

RUBY - Happiness, Healing, Courage, Love

SAPPHIRE - Meditation. Luck. Psychic Energy. Intellect

SELENITE - Meditation

SERPENTINE - Wisdom, Past Lives

SILVER - Meditation, Love, Kindness, Psychic Abilities

SMOKY QUARTZ - Courage, Removes Worry

SODALITE - Intelligence

SUNSTONE Freedom, Luck

TEKTITE - Wisdom & Knowledge

TIGER'S EYE - Protection, Willpower, Energy. Courage

TOPAZ - Psychic Power & Insight. Wisdom, Love.

TOURMALINE - Channeling. Purification. Energy. Healing

TURQUOISE - Protection, Meditation

ZIRCON - Prosperity. Purification. Inspiration

ZOIZITE - Calms Bad Tempers.

Any stone , or rock can be a good luck charm if you pick it up on a day that you are having good luck, keep it forever..

No claims are made. These alleged powers are gathered from writing, books, folklore and various sources including my family members.But! I  believe' .

These are not food meanings, but magical meanings.  



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