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"I Loves this"
 Just passing on the Love.

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Vegan Books.

I have two new food bibles, "Thug Kitchen" & "Keep it Vegan", they are filled with the most  easy-to-follow super Delicious  cruelty free recipes. Thug Kitchen is very sweary, but its also fabulous, instructive & mega tasty!

In "Keep it Vegan", there is the most flavoursome recipe for Houmous which I made today & even my Mum loved it, also I have made scrambled Tofu & it honestly taste better than scrambled eggs, & it hasn't come from some little Chickens do da! win, win! :-)

There has never been a better time to be Vegan.

To find the Books websites please just click the  image:

Witch Images :-)
 These are so cute!

My Favorite Artist..

Vernon Ward.

Vernon Ward was born (1905-1985) in Hamstead the son of an art dealer
I have just read the book
Vernon Ward, Child of the Edwardian Era.
I have loved this Gentleman's art forever, & I just needed to know if the man was as kind as his work seemed to portray & guess what? he was :-)
During the 50's 60's & 70's Mr Ward's work was displayed on everything, from
Boot's pictures to trays, biscuit tins, place mats & fire screens.
Vernon Ward's work was universally popular.
Recently I so wanted one of Vernon Ward Flamingo pictures, but on ebay they retailed at Vintage price of £85.00 & auctioned price £35.00..
Luckily my Mum & myself believe in cosmic ordering & when
Mum went shopping last week, she found the picture I wanted for an
amazing low charity shop price of  £1.50  so now the
classic 1950s picture, by Vernon Ward with
pretty flamingos is on my wall alongside
his beautiful Seagull & Swan pictures :-)
now I just want his Red Rose Picture! 

New Favourite Cards.
Mystical Cat Tarot.

Today my Amazon parcel arrived containing my
Mystical Cats Tarot.
I can honestly say they are the most beautiful cards, & the Book which accompanies the Deck is so magical. The artist actually painted with herbs, including Catnip. There are some really brilliant Tarot spreads at the back of the book, a couple are called "At the threshold" & "Council of Five Tigers"
The Cat's advice is so interesting & they have really given me a new take on a few cards. The Cards Minor Arcana are elemental,
Earth Clan / Pentacles,
Sky Clan / Swords,
Sea Clan / Cups,
Fire Clan / Wands.

I have got to give this Deck of Cards 10 / 10 I just loves them :-) Even my Black Cat Clyde loves them too...

Deliciously Ella.

This is my food bible.
Ella Woodward is so mega successful, she certainly doesn't need a shout from me. But! just in case you haven't heard of her or her blog & brilliant book, then this is a big thumbs up from me :-)

Ella is a genius, she found good health through healing foods, she totally dumped all junk food & replaced it with gorgeous healthy foods.
I don't know how many times have I said "if only chocolate was healthy & had few calories"..

Ella has found the way!!

oooh!! must try her Raw Cherry & Chocolate Fudge Recipe :-)

Because of Ella my kitchen cupboards now boasts:

 Tahini, Tamari, Cacao.... & they are all delish!!.

If you want to be healthy & find the yummiest recipes then you must buy DeliciouslyElla & try her food:

Deliciously Ella: Awesome ingredients, incredible food that you and your body will love
by Ella Woodward

Link:   http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1444795007

Check out her website too: http://deliciouslyella.com/

Just passing on the Love  ... from The Wild Witch.

e Loves this!.
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