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Moon Myth, Fact & Superstition.

The Moon is a great force controlling our lives.The Full Moon can cause great mental instability, prisons & asylums are likely to have more occupants than at any other time.

The Full Moon makes the sea rise & it is a magical time for Hedge Witches, Pagans & Wiccans.It is a powerful time to make magic.

Moon Magick )0(...to gaze at the New Moon when out doors is said to be very lucky. You should bow to her three times, then turn your money over three times and then your money should increase nine fold by the next New Moon.

The way to check that the Moon is new, is to check that her "horns" are pointing to the left.

31st March is the Festival of all Lunar Goddesses.

Moon Goddesses down the ages..

Cybele Dark Moon Goddess

Isis Egyptian Goddess with

Full/ Crescent Moon Headress.

Ceridwen Dark Moon Goddess with

cauldron for spells & divination.

Diana Roman Goddess/Nature Goddes.

Selene Greek Goddess of Magic.

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                               WICCAN MOON NAMES

         Month   /   Moon Name   /  Power


January                       Wolf Moon        Protection Strength

February                    Chaste Moon               Fertility

March                             Seed                      Success

April                            Hare Moon                Wisdom

May                             Faery Moon           Love / Health

June                            Meade Moon            Marriage

July                             Herb Moon           Magic /Strength

August                      Barley Moon                  Harvest

September           Wine Moon          Protection/confidence

October               Blood Moon      Stability/Remembrance

November                  Snow Moon              Hope / Healing

December                    Oak Moon                 Peace / Love

A baby born on the Full Moon will

 always be a person of fortune.

The Moon & The Sea.

When the Moon is at her brightest, the tides are high.

When the Moon is low, the tides will be higher than normal.

Deaths occur most often when the tide is going out & births occur most often when the tide is coming in.

Spell Candles, Colours & Days....

Little Spell Chart.

Days, Deities, Planets & Candle colours & intent.







      THURSDAY.     THOR   JUPITER.       GREEN.      WEALTH.



 Moon myths or fact.

It is said to be unlucky to look at the moon through a pane of glass.

Never sleep exposed to the rays of the full Moon because Lunacy will follow.

In some parts of the world it is unlucky to point at a full Moon.

The Moon is made from Green Cheese.

When a large star is near the Moon, violent weather will follow.

If you see a New Moon accidentally over your shoulder then fun times are coming your way.

In ancient times ladies used to wear Silver Moons on their shoes to ensure they had healthy pregnancy.

This is an ancient & Beautiful English

chant to draw down the Moon/Goddess..

"Queen of the Moon, Queen of the Sun,

Queen of the Heavens, Queen of the Stars,

Queen of the Waters, Queen of the Earth

Bring to us the Child of Promise!

It is the Great Mother who giveth birth to him,

It is the Lord of Life who is born again.

Darkness & tears are set aside,

When the Sun shall come up early.

Golden Sun of the Mountains,

Illumine the Land, Light up the World,

Illumine the Seas & the Rivers

Sorrows be laid, Joy to the World.,

Blessed Be the Great Goddess..

If you see a ring around the Full Moon then it is going to rain..
*One who counts his money at the full moon increases it.

*Full Moons are about expansion - like our entire planet is breathing in fully. Everything peaks, grows, and expands its influence- even negative thoughts, so watch what you allow to expand!

*The full moon is the best time to donate blood as it is in highest concentration then.

*The Full Moon is a great time for divination -card readings, rune casting,
the I-Ching, psychic consultations and other metaphysical phenomena are likely to be more effective and reliable at these times.