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Plant Magick.

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Acacia ... Platonic Love.

Acorn ... Prosperity, Strength.

Alfalfa ... Fertility, Abundance, Prosperity.

Allspice ... Healing, money, luck.

Almond ... Fertility, Money, Prosperity.

Amber ... Self-Confidence, Protection, Healing.

Anise ...  Divination, Prevent Nightmares, Protection.

Apple ... Love, Friendship.

Ashtree ... Material Wealth.

Avocado ... Beauty.

Banana ... Fertility.

Bamboo ... Hex-Breaking.

Basil ... Clairvoyance, Divination, Wealth.

Bay ... Wisdom, protection, Clairvoyance.

Bayberry ... Money, Good luck.

Bean ... Protection.

Bergamot ... Hex-breaking, Money.

Burdock ... Protection, healing, Earth magic.

Cabbage ... Luck.

Cactus ... Protection.

Camphor ... Psychic awareness, Divination.

Carnation ... Power & Love.

Carrot ... Fertility, Lust.

Cat's Claw ...  Prosperity, Money drawing.

Catnip ... Cat magick, Attracts Good Spirits, Love, Luck.

Cedar Healing ... Courage, Protection, Money, Hex-breaking.

Chamomile ... Money, Love, Luck.

Cherry ... Divination, Love.

Chickweed ... Fidelity,

Chilli Pepper ... Hex-Breaking. 

Cinnamon Healing ... Love, Power, Success.

Clove Money ... Love, Lust, Protection.

Clover ... Protection, Money, Love, Luck in games of chance.

Coltsfoot ... Peace, Tranquility.

Comfrey ... Money, Safe Travel.

Corn ... Money, Harvest.

Copal Resin ... Purification.

Cyclemen ... Love, Truth, Fertility, Happiness.

Cypress ... Comfort Healing (magical meaning), Protection.

Cucumber ... Fertility.

Daisies ... Inspirations.

Dandelion ... Divination, Wishes.

Dill ... Love, Lust, Money.

Dragon's Blood ... Money, Protection, Attracts Love, Banishes Evil.

Elder Berry ... Protection.

Elder Flowers ... Seeking knowledge.

Eucalyptus ... Healing, Protection.

Eyebright ... Clairvoyance.

Feverfew ... Protection for the accident prone.

Fenne ... Money Magic.

Fig ... Chastity. 

Frankincense ... Spirituality, Meditation.

Gardenia ... Peace & Love.

Garlic ... Banishing, Exorcising, Protection.

Geranium ... Fertility, Love.

Ginger ... Success, Power, Money, Love, Passion.

Ginkgo ... Contact spirits, Clairvoyance.

Ginseng ... Vitality, Sexual Force.

Golden Seal Root ... Healing, money.

Hawthorn Berry ... Fertility, Chastity.

Hemlock ... Astral projection, Purification.

Hibiscus ... Love, Lust, Divination.

Honeysuckle ... Money Drawing, Psychic Awareness.

Hops Flowers ... Healing.

Hyacinth ... Love.

Hyssop ... Protection, Banishing.

Ivy ... Luck, Prosperity.

Kava Kava Root ... Vision Dreaming , Luck, Protection.

Lavender ... Love, Peace, Happiness, Clairvoyance, Sleep, Protection.

Lemon Peel ... Longevity, Moon Magick, Friendship.

Lemon Balm ... Purification, healing

Lemongrass ... Lust, Psychic Powers.

Lettuce ... Sleep, Peace.

Liquorice Root ... Lust, passion.

Lilac ... Protection, Banishing Ghosts.

Lily of the Valley ... Stimulates the Intellect.

Lotus ... Spirituality.

Magnolia ... Peace, Nature Spells.

Mandrake ... Protection, power, magic.

Marigold ... Protection, Prophetic Dreams, Legal Matters.

Mistletoe ... Protection, love, fertility. 

Moss ... Maternal Love.

Musk ... Courage, Fertility, Lust.

Mustard Seed ... Purification.

Myrrh ... Spirituality, Protection, Exorcism.  

Narcissus ... Peace & Harmony, Luck.

Nettle ... Protection, Healing, Spell-Breaking, Confidence.

Nutmeg ... Fidelity, Luck, Money, Scrying.

Oak Moss ... Money drawing Spell.

Oats ... Energy, Vitality, Material Prosperity.

Orange Peel ... Divination, Love, Luck, Money, Success.

Onion ... Healing, Cleansing.

Passion Flower ... Peace, Sleep, Friendship, Calming.

Patchouli ... Fertility, Lust, Money, Attraction.

Peach ... Wisdom, Luck in Exams.

Pear ... Lust, Love.

Pepper ... Protection, Strength, Lust.

Peppermint ... Love, Psychic Awareness.

Pine ... Healing, Protection, Exorcism, Fertility, Money.

Poppy ... Love, Lust.

Primrose ... Protection, Love.

Raspberry ... Protection.

Red Clover Top ...  Luck, Success, Anti-Hexing.

Red Tulip ... Declaration of Love.

Rose ... Love, Beauty, Psychic Powers, Divination, Luck, Protection

Rose Hips ... Love.

Rosemary ... Protection, Love, Lust.

Rowan ... Protection, Anti-Haunting.

Sage ... Luck, Healing, Protection.

Salt ... Cleansing.

Sandalwood .. Spirituality, Protection, Wishes, Healing.
       Sarsaparilla ... Social Elevation, Work & Riches.

Scullcap ... Relaxation, Peace, Fidelity.

Slippery Elm Bark ... Anti-gossip, Persuasion.

Sheperds Purse ... Depression, St Johns.

Spearmint ... Healing, Love, Mental Powers, Money.

Strawberry ... Love, Beauty.

Sweet Pea ... Friendship.

Sunflower ... Wisdom.

Tangerine Peel ... Psychic powers.

Tea ... Divination.

Tea Tree ... Healing, anti-fungal (medicinal).

Thyme ... Health, Riches.

Tobacco ... Banishing.

Tonka Beans ... Love, Luck, Money, Courage, Wishes.

Valerian Root ... Sleep, love, Mending Quarrels.

Vanilla ... Magic love, Lust.

Vervain ... Protection, Peace.

Vetivert ... Hex Breaking, Peace, Protection.

Violet ... Love & Lust.

Wild Cherry Bark .. Romance, Seduction, Compassion.

Yellow Rose ... Jealousy, Decrease in Love.

Yellow Tulip ... Hopeless Love.

Ylang Ylang ... Balance & spirituality.

“Our life is what our thoughts make it.”

 Marcus Aurelius quotes (Roman emperor, best known for his Meditations on Stoic philosophy, AD 121-180)

Featured Emporium Items.

White Sage:

Luck, Healing, Protection.
White sage smudging is commonly used to drive out negative thoughts and bad spirits, and setting the energy for ceremony or blessings.

Lavender is a very potent Herb. 

A  magical way to super charge

 your Crystals is to  pop your

 Crystal in a pot  of Lavender 

Lavender is linked to the Planet

 Mercury & Air & has the magical

 property of purification, Love & Peace.

Its a wonderful fragrance to have

 about the home for balance

 & a peaceful environment.

It also helps the insomniac

sleep a Dreamy sleep.

Nature Magick.

Clover: is used for good luck. . The 1st leaf to the left of the stem brings fame, the 2nd brings wealth, the 3rd brings a lover, the 4th brings good health. This can be worn both in its natural state & in symbolic form.

Comfrey Root: This root is placed at the bottom of all luggage before a trip to ensure safety during traveling.
Coriander: prevents illnesses.

Dandelion: Buried at the northwest corner of a house to bring favorable winds.

Dill seed: A few grains added to the bath water before meeting a lover is said to make the person irresistable.

Eucalyptus: Excellent protection against cold if stuffed in one's pillow.

Garlic: If hung from windows & door sills, it will give protection from the evil eye & all sorts of evil spirits.

Lavender: Very popular in love spells & to help dreams come true. Before turning in for the night, place some under your pillow. A wish is strongly thought of. If your dreams have anything connected to the wish, it is said it will come true.

Lovage Root: If worn near the heart it is said to attract a lover.

Low John Root: Money wrapped around this root is said to bring money & good luck to it's owner.

Magnolia Leaves: Spread beneath a mattress, they are said to arouse passion.

Mugwort: This herb is said to help in astral projection if placed by the bedside.

Orris Root: Carried around to promote love & is used in many magic spells for the same purpose.

Peony: Carried in purse or pocket for good luck.

Rice: Grains (a few) carried in a pocket or purse will ensure there will always be good food on one's table.

Rose: Rose buds & petals tossed in a fire are said to bring good luck. Rose hips carried around are said to bring love & to promote marriage. Rose buds placed around a sprained ankle will heal it quicker.

Rosemary: Carried around for good luck, to improve mind & memory.

Rue: A spring of rue tied with a red ribbon & placed over the front door of a house will prevent evil from entering. Used in baths for protective purposed.

Spearmint: Aromatic herb is said to attract customers to a store if crushed and burned as incense.

Sweet Bugle: Crushed & sprinkled around a bedroom, it will attract new lovers & promote marriage.

Thyme: This herb is burned in the home to attract good health for all its habitants.

Tonka Bean: Carried for good luck & wealth.

Valerian: Said to soothe the nerves & promote peaceful sleep if placed under one's pillow.
No claims are made. These alleged powers are gathered from writing,
books, folklore & various sources including my family members.
But! I believe.

Its a magickal life....

No claims are made. These alleged powers are gathered from writing, books, folklore and various sources including my family members.But! I  believe' .
 These are not food meanings, but magical meanings.  



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