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All Tarot Readings are on hold until further notice.. our 3 online shops are just taking up all of my time. I am saving this page because things may change next year.. As I say lower down the page.. our destiny is in our own hands..  Just now I haven't the extra energy to give.. & Tarot Reading is all about reading energy, but its a two way street & my energy is focused on the shops!
Very Sorry & Blessed Be Jenny x

Tarot Readings


Wild Witch Vintage.

Jenny has over 30 years experience & over a 100 decks of Tarot Cards

to read from, we also have a large selection of Crystals.

So why not make an appointment to see what your

Tarot cards have to tell you.

Strictly appointments only.

Private Readings Face to Face .

**Please be aware that Jenny's charges for her time, 

therefore Jenny's time is valuable to sincere clients. ** 

Quote.  "Isn't it strange? The same people who laugh at

 gypsy fortune tellers take economists seriously."  Anon

Enquiries via email, or the form. at the bottom of this page:



Tarot Reader


My name is Jenny:

I am a Professional Tarot Reader with over 30 years experience., I know I am a very good Tarot Reader, firstly because I grew up with the cards, I know them deeply, also I have empathy, empathy is a powerful gift for a Tarot Reader & for any human.. but the thing I have discovered with some (the very worst) "Tarot Readers" is the power trip.. they say horrible unfounded things to sound powerful & these words can penetrate a persons soul.. a tarot reader should never predict death.. they are not God.. or a Goddess! & for £30..£40.00 they are planting horrible seeds in someones mind.. its shocking and unprofessional.. after decades of readings my conclusion is Tarot Readers on power trips with the scare & shock readings, only do this because they cannot do it.. its all bluff to hide their lack of the gift.. A client has all the power to change their destiny, I have seen this happen.. forwarned is forarmed.. a reading should empower you, & if life is going to dip .. like all ours lives can.. the up's and down.. then you can be ready.. filled with answers and strength..

the only reason anyone wants a reading is out of curiosity or because they need help, so a professional tarot reader puts their ego to one side and if help is needed .. they help.. I have worked over with extra spreads to help a client seek the truth.. it a powerful karmic thing to do..

My passion for the Tarot started with my

Grans Deck's of cards. I remember playing with some of her older decks when I was very young & I

recall matching the pretty ladies with the Gentlemen & getting a feel for the story.

Going back through our family line the ladies on Mums side have always been very spiritual..

Once I was old enough my Gran taught me the foundations of the Tarot, then over the years Mum added to

my knowledge. A family friend Mary who is also a seasoned Tarot Reader used to hold Tarot Classes in our

Shop in the 90's & I attended those meetings, this just added even more knowledge to my Tarot repertoire.

You never stop learning the Tarot.

I have been reading & unravelling the Tarot Cards all of my adult life, & still a new piece of the puzzle is added

, its truly a mirror for our real lifes great puzzle!

The one true fact about Tarot Cards is they always tell the truth. There is more to this life than we know,

our time in our bodies on this planet has meaning & we are all a powerful energy & our energy can be passed to the Tarot Cards.

My passion for the Tarot has spread (sorry for the tarot pun) into my life in many ways, including collecting,

with over a 100 decks & even now awaiting my latest deck to arrive from Czechoslovakia, a stunning deck

called the Bohemian Cats Tarot.

 Tarot is a real addiction.

But despite my avarice for more decks I still have a deep love for my earliest Decks, but the new Baba

Studio Decks are to die for :) my ancient deck of Rider Waite my Gran gave me is battered & a little dark

around the edges but it has given some wonderful advice & useful warnings over the years.

I have read the cards for my friends & family & customers who visited our store.

But you should always remember, we all have free will & you are the master of your destiny.

I read the energy you transfer to the Cards.

I also read Rune Stones. The Elder Futhark

which is an ancient form of divination.

I use a set of Sun Stone Runes & Moonstone Rune Stones..

Your Reading will be confidential & treated with respect & all you need is an open mind & you will get another

point of view to a situation. But you also have free will & you must always be the master of your own destiny

where ever you go for a Tarot Reading, you must retain responsibility for your own life path & as with

every situation, common sense must prevail.

You should feel more positive & hopeful after a good Tarot Reading.

No one has the right to predict Death, this is the domain of the Universe /  God / Goddess. A tarot Reader

who tries to put fear into your life should be avoided like the plague, a Tarot Reader on a power trip is a

very bad reader indeed. You should feel enlightened  & empowered after a Tarot reading.

Tarot Readings are not a substitute for professional advice, medical, legal or financial, and you should seek

relevant professional advice if appropriate.  By law: Tarot readings, advice and guidance arising from use of

this site or face to face readings are understood to be for

entertainment purposes only.

You must be over 18 years of age to have a Tarot Reading.
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I have over a 100 decks..these are just a few, but not everyone gets to use the most expensive decks.. they are honestly kept in a glass cabinet.. collecting is a bonkers thing to do.. but I do love my cards.

Latest stock in our shop..

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Some follow up Emails from Clients.

Hi Jenny
Just wanted to say another huge thanks to you and your mum for our warm welcome, and fabulous reading today. It was a pleasure to meet you. 
Hopefully see you again one day. 
May love and light be always with you.
Claire x
Metheringham. Lincolnshire UK
Hi Jenny.
Many Thanks for my Tarot Readings, you took such great care & time in getting the answers I needed, it is much appreciated. I shall recommend you to all my friends.
Warmest Regards Carol xx
Skegness. Lincolnshire UK

Hi Jenny,

I just would like to say once again thank you for the reading yesterday, you helped put my mind at ease, you have such a wonderful gift xxxx


Caistor. Lincolnshire UK

Hi Jenny. What a lovely Tarot Reading, & you live in such a beautiful place. I cannot thank you enough for my first Tarot experience, I feel so much better now.
 Warmest Regards Gemma xxx
Market Rasen. Lincolnshire U.K

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